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Dump Truck Liner Sales

Dump Truck Liner Sales | Wiegand Liners, Inc. - Mackinaw, IL

Wiegand Liners, Inc. offers both HMW (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)...

Dump Truck Liner Installation

Dump Truck Liner Installation | Wiegand Liners, Inc. - Mackinaw, IL

How you install a liner will impact how well it works. You can have a high quality QuickSilver UHMW liner, but improper installation...

Dump Truck Liner Repair

Dump Truck Liner Repair | Wiegand Liners, Inc. - Mackinaw, IL

A dump truck can take a lot of damage regardless of what materials you’re carrying. A liner can help with that, but even a liner...


Leader in the Lining of Dump Trucks and Trailers

Welcome to Wiegand Liners, Inc.

Wiegand Liners, Inc. operates out of the small town of Mackinaw, Illinois, where small business innovation is part of the community. At Wiegand Liners, Inc., we have customers from all over the country that choose to line their dump trucks with us.

It is important to line your dump trucks if you expect your trucks to operate at maximum efficiency, be more cost effective and save you time. Not only is it important to line your trucks, but to do it properly is how you’ll really reap the benefits. At Wiegand Liners, Inc., we are best able to service our customers because we know what they need from experience.

Our liners commonly are applied to dump trucks & dump trailers, though we also line belt trailers, vans, utility trailers, off-road vehicles and more.

We use high quality HMW and UHMW liners. Our professional staff will be happy to help you identify which liner works best for you based on what you haul, how far you haul, and the condition of your truck.

We also offer dump truck liner repair for tears or worn out liners. Worn out liners can be repaired by replacing the back half of a worn liner and welding it to a new one.

A dump truck liner will enable you to work faster, save time and money with cleaning and be safer with less chance of tip-over issues.

We’re also an installer of Ridge Corporation’s Green Wing Aerodynamic Side Skirts. These side skirts will improve fuel economy up to 5.2% by redirecting turbulence to reduce drag.

Our liners have been in use since 1991. We’d be happy to help you pick out the liner needed for your truck, get it installed and get you back on the road quickly. The best part is this can all be done in a day’s work. We guarantee your satisfaction. Call us or submit a request online!

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