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About Wiegand Liners, Inc.

About Us | Wiegand Liners, Inc. - Mackinaw, IL

Our liners started out as a solution for our fertilizer business. That’s right, Wiegand Fertilizer Service had a problem with lime freezing and sticking to the trailer and we created a solution. We installed a liner in our 28’ dump trailer in September of 1991. This allowed for a quick and complete release of the lime, regardless of the temperature, and it protected the trailer.

Other businesses in the area found out about our solution and asked if we could help. Wiegand Liners, Inc. became a sideline business for the time being. In 1996, Steve and Mary Ellen Wiegand sold the fertilizer business to run Wiegand Liners, Inc. full time.

We sell, install and repair liners in Mackinaw, Illinois. We serve many clients in Illinois, parts of Iowa and Missouri. Businesses will drive 300 miles to have a liner installed by us. We’ve installed thousands of liners to date.

Our liners include the high-grade QuickSilver UHMW liner, Durapro UHMW liner, Ramex UHMW liner and Easy-Slide HMW liner. Our experienced staff will be able to match you up with the right one. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied and enjoy the benefits for many years!

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