Dump Truck Liner Installation

Dump Truck Liner Installation

Dump Truck Liner Installation | Wiegand Liners, Inc. - Mackinaw, IL

How you install a liner will impact how well it works. You can have a high quality QuickSilver UHMW liner, but improper installation can lead to materials going underneath the liner. This can create the same problems you were trying to prevent.

Liners also need to be able to contract and expand in response to temperature. At Wiegand Liners, Inc., we know how to install a liner properly so no materials can get underneath, while still enabling it to move the way it needs to.

We’re told that some businesses drive 300 miles to Mackinaw, Illinois, in order to have dump truck liner installation from Wiegand Liners, Inc. That’s a long drive for a short visit. Your dump truck liner installation will be quick and you can expect your truck to be finished within six to eight hours.

How the Installation Process Works

1. We will measure the area of your truck and evaluate the condition of the floor to determine what liner will work best.
2. The liner will be cut to the proper length depending on what you haul. At this time, we’ll also create a custom liner for the nose and doghouse part of your truck. This is the area usually most affected by materials getting stuck or frozen, so it’s a crucial part of the lining installation process.
3. The liner is placed in your truck.
4. The liner is secured and bolted. Securing it will ensure that you own’t have any materials going underneath the liner. We use a liner glove to add even more protection. A secure liner means no extra chemical or expensive release agents.

We use all stainless steel bolts and hardware to ensure a properly secured liner. You’ll be on your way and making more loads the next day! Contact us today to get your dump truck liner installation scheduled.

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