Dump Truck Liner Repair

Dump Truck Liner Repair

Dump Truck Liner Repair | Wiegand Liners, Inc. - Mackinaw, IL

A dump truck can take a lot of damage regardless of what materials you’re carrying. A liner can help with that, but even a liner can wear out. It’s a complicated process to properly install a liner, and something small can allow material to get underneath your liner. You may also not have enough room for your liner to expand and contract with temperatures, which can result in cracks.

A broken liner puts your truck at risk for twisted boxes or broken tailgates and rollovers, just to name a few. Fortunately, a dump truck liner repair may remedy the problem.

We Offer Dump Truck Liner Repair

At Wiegand Liners, Inc., we can help you extend the life of your liner by taking care of repairs right away. Even a small damage error can end up causing many problems. For worn out liners, we replace the back half by welding the plastic onto a new liner. We can repair nearly any liner this way.

Our repairs may also involve:
• Liner Glove—This is an exclusive installation option by Wiegand Liners, Inc. and will prevent materials from getting underneath your liner around the edges.
• Stainless Steel Tail Plates—Installation of stainless steel tail plates.
• No-Whale Tail Plates—Installation of No-Whale Tail plates for asphalt trucks to eliminate end curl.

A functioning dump truck liner will also greatly increase the value of your vehicle by as much as $2,000. If you decide to sell your truck, one of the first things a buyer will look at is the quality of your liner.

If you need a dump truck liner repair, give Wiegand Liners, Inc. a call today. We’re located in Mackinaw, Illinois, but people will drive much further for service by us. We guarantee your satisfaction!

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