Dump Truck Liner Sales

Dump Truck Liner Sales

Dump Truck Liner Sales | Wiegand Liners, Inc. - Mackinaw, IL

Wiegand Liners, Inc. offers both HMW (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) dump truck liner sales. The liner you need depends on what you haul, how often you haul, and the current condition of your dump truck.

Dump Truck Liner Sales Options

• QuickSilver—A virgin UHMW liner. It’s the toughest and slickest liner on the market. It outwears aluminum three to one and wears better than steel. It can carry asphalt at any temperature, clay, coal, limestone, salt, sand, snow and more.
• Durapro—A recycled UHMW liner. Its wearability is about 80 to 90% of QuickSilver’s. It can carry almost all the same materials except for asphalt.
• Ramex—A reprocessed UHMW liner. It’s similar to Durapro, but slightly less expensive.
• Easy-Slide—A virgin HMW. It’s an economical liner perfect for medium duty applications.

Benefit of Purchasing a Truck Liner

• Release Loads Sooner—You will release loads 1–2 stages sooner. This means you can get in an extra load or more per day. That’s more money in your pocket.
• Less Cleaning—You’ll have less cleaning to do. Materials move easily off the liners, minimizing the time you’d normally spend cleaning up what was left behind.
• No Release Agents—There is no need for release agents. These chemicals can be expensive and harmful, so you’l be happy to know you won’t need them anymore. • Safer—You’ll be safer. Liners actually reduce the risk of tip-over.
• Peace of Mind—You’ll have peace of mind for a long time. UHMW liners can last six to ten years.
• Increased Value—You’ll increase the value of your truck. Our liners add $1000–$2000 on the resale value of your vehicle.

We’re happy to help match your truck with the liner you need. We can also install the liner for you at our Mackinaw, Illinois location, which will give you the Wiegand Advantage. This includes installing a liner glove, increased protection for the nose and doghouse area and stainless steel hardware.

Contact us by phone or submit your information online to learn more about our dump truck liner sales.

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